Whether your taking a dental holiday at the beach or in the city, you are certainly thinking about the paperbacks that you will be packing for the plane ride and for sitting on the beach or relaxing at the pool. But have you given any thought to the travel guide book you will be taking with you. There are many to choose from. The top travel guides are The Lonely Planet, Rough GuidesFrommer’s, Let’s Go and Footprint Travel Guides.

Your local bookstore’s travel section will have a variety of books on any dental holiday destination, including Thailand, India, the Philippines and others. They all have good, practical information on the country’s history, culture, places to see, where to go, hotels and restaurants. Popular hotels, restaurants and even beaches come and go, so when selecting a guide book look for one with the most recent information, from 2010 or better 2011.

If you are in a rush planning your dental holiday and forget to get a travel guide book, it should be no problem finding a travel guide book once you get there. Some of the guidebook publishers, like Lonely Planet, are offering their guides as downloads for ipad, kindle, and other ebook readers. I checked out Google’s recently launched ebookstore, but did not see any travel guidebooks yet.

There is also a lot of travel information on the internet. All the travel guidebooks I mentioned earlier have information on the internet, but not nearly as much as in the books. If your traveling light on your dental tourism holiday, no books or ebook readers to weigh you down (and the guidebooks on India and China will weigh you down, there pretty big books), there is wikitravel, offering free worldwide travel guides on the internet. Wikitravel has practically every destination, with constantly updated travel information. And lastly, don’t forget the best travel guides of all, fellow travelers, that’s how guide books got their start in the first place. If you know a friend who’s been to a dental holiday destination you’re thinking about, give them a shout and ask for recommendations.