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Including, Abutment, Dental Crown and Dentist Fees

Thailand Dental Implant Cost – 75,000 Thai Baht, India Dental Implant Cost – 60,000 Indian Rupees, Philippines Dental Implant Cost – 100,000 Philippine Pesos, China Dental Implant Cost – 10,500 Chinese Yuan. US Dollar conversions below. Prices quoted are for full dental implants, not mini dental implants.

Dental implants have been around for about forty years. For that long in the tooth it is still pretty difficult to find out what they actually cost. Also, what exactly is being quoted since there are different parts to the complete dental implant tooth. There is the implant that goes into the jawbone, then there is the abutment that goes onto implant, on top of that you need a crown or in the case of multiple implants an implant supported bridge or implant supported denture (commonly referred to as dentures implants or implant dentures). Not to mention the doctor fees and possible bone grafting or sinus lift.

Every day I am on the internet or on the phone researching dental implant prices around the world. Often times, I will surf by a great price on the internet. But upon closer inspection of the fine print, I see that the price quoted is only for the dental implant, which cosmetically wont do anyone any good without the abutment and crown to go on top.

An implant dentist wont be able to give you a detailed estimate until you are in the dental chair, but it would be nice to know a ballpark figure. So when I call Thailand, India, The Philippines, China and even Mexico and Costa Rica in the Americas for implant costs I ask the price for the complete dental implant, meaning implant, abutment and crown, plus all fees. With that said, I can tell you that the cost of a single dental implant, abutment, crown and fees at the major dental clinics and hospitals in Thailand, the Philippines, India and China is:

Thailand: 75,000 Thai Baht ($2325 USD at the time of this post)
Philippines: 100,000 Pesos ($2283 USD at the time of this post)
India: 60,000 Indian Rupees ($1300 USD at the time of this post)
China: 10,500 Chinese Yuan ($1570 USD at the time of this post)

That should at least give you a ballpark to work with if you are considering a dental holiday for an implant.