Or so these dentures have been called. The dentures in question belonged to Sir Winston Churchill and sold recently at auction for $24,000 dollars. These were no ordinary dentures, Churchill’s dentist, Wilfred Fish, specifically designed to them to allow Churchill to retain his trademark lisp. Churchill was so pleased with Fish’s craftsmanship that he had the dentist knighted.

But let’s not forget Fish’s lab technician, a young man by the name of Derek Cudlipp. According to the AP, during the war years between England and Germany, Cudlipp, was not permitted to join the army because he had to be on constant standby in case Churchill needed a new set of false teeth. It was rumored that during the more stressful stages of the war, Churchill would show his frustration by throwing his dentures clear across the room and against the wall – today’s dentures implants would have made that gesture impossible.

The dentures were bought by a Churchill memorabilia collector who also bought the microphone that Churchill used to declare the end of the war. It was also announced recently that 1 million papers of Churchill’s including letters and notes will be available online in 2012. With that many paper’s there must be something in there about his dentures.