We spoke with Elliot B. of Australia (originally from France) about his trip to Bangkok, Thailand for full dental implants, in particular the All-on-4 Immediate Loading Technique. Elliot provides excellent insights for people looking for dental implants abroad. When it comes to getting full dental implants in Thailand, to quote Elliot, “Go for it!”

Video Transcription

I would like to say to any people who are going to look at the video, they can be confident. You must trust the people you are going to deal with, like you Matt, because you give the best service, very well organised and that what the people look for, something completely organised. Because I was looking at other websites and they are not well organised like you. And I think that that is already a success to your trip is to find something very well organised and put together, I can advise this to anybody. Go for it!

Everything is perfect, the hotel is excellent, the people at the clinic they are very professional. I never saw a clinic like this in my entire life. You can eat on the floor everything is clean. The people are smiling all the time. And this something to build your confidence, if you are scared it will give you a lot of confidence to continue with that. After that when I met Dr. Sooparb and that was even better because he’s really, really profession. He knows exactly what he’s talking about.

And I can tell you today he gave me my smile back and when he put them in I can feel my own teeth back in my month, that’s incredible feeling, I never feel like this for many, many years. And I can open my mouth and I can close it. It looks like Dr. Sooparb give me all my teeth back in my mouth and I’m so happy, I’m going to start to live a normal life that’s what I was looking for, for a long, long time.

I am going to have the most important thing, my palate is back, because with a denture you lose taste of food, in that way I have all the food, all the taste will be back because it is very important when you taste something. I can go to a restaurant. I can laugh. I can speak properly. I can eat anything i like. It looks like my life is back to normal, that I lost many years ago, And I think i will be more smiling than before because when you got denture sometimes it is very hard, you know you got denture and you got to be careful with a lot of things, maybe some people they don’t feel anything with the denture but I was the one who feel a lot with the denture that’s why I choose to have All-on-4 and that I think is going to change my life so much and that my expectation’s become a dream. Now I can see life differently already.

For more information see Immediate Loading Dental Implants in Thailand.

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