Smile Planners has launched a new version of its website using responsive web design. Responsive web design enables a seamless website viewing experience from desktops and laptop computers to mobile phones.

Smile Planners website and blog pages now automatically adjust and fit to any screen size on any internet-ready device from plasma displays to mobile phones. The Smile Planners website was originally designed in 2008 for desktop and laptop computer screens, but with more people around the world accessing the web on tablets and smart phones we’ve upgraded the site infrastructure to make Smile Planners website scale automatically to smaller screen sizes including all the popular tablets and smart phones.

Most of the sites on the web are designed for only bigger computer and laptop screens meaning that the whole site gets shrunk down for tablets and mobiles – while the website looks fine on a computer or laptop, it forces mobile and tablet viewers to scroll back and forth and also zoom in on tiny text in order to see the entire website, making the whole mobile web experience frustrating. With responsive design on all Smile Planners pages, each page is fluid and all the text and images adjust to the screen size no matter what device people are viewing the site on, that means less scrolling and no need to zoom in on tiny text when viewing Smile Planners web site on the mobile internet.

Also with more people leaving their laptops at home and traveling overseas with only a smart phone or tablet, it’s important that people already on holiday in Thailand can easily access the Smile Planners site on the go.

Smile Planners is committed to offering a great dental holiday experience, this includes an enjoyable website experience whether visiting the Smile Planners website on computers, tablets or smart phones.