The hotel chain Travelodge has released a list of items that people had forgotten in their hotel rooms in 2010. Now forgetting your tooth brush is one thing, but forgetting a set of gold dentures is quite another. Especially when those dentures are valued at £6,500. But dentures and false teeth are some of the most popular items left in hotel rooms on holiday. Looking at Travelodge’s 2004 list, there were 127 sets of false teeth forgotten. The 2004 list also included a Olympic Bronze Medal and a Harp.

Some of the other items that guests have left behind in UK hotels rooms last year, in addition to the gold dentures, were keys to a Rolls-Royce Phantom, a £50,000 diamond studded Rolex and a £8,000 Hermes Handbag. Another guest left behind an envelope filled with £10,000 cash.

Some of the most common things left in hotels on holiday are mobile phones and chargers, clothing, books, toiletries, laptops, electrical gadgets, jewelery, watches, and dentures as mentioned.

If you are jetting off to a dental holiday, make sure to double check the room for the stuff above, and by all means, don’t leave the keys to the Bentley (those were left behind in 2007) or the Harp behind.