Say you want to take a dental holiday, how do you go about finding the best information on the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. And what should you be searching for: “dental holidays”, “dental tourism” or even “medical tourism”. It can quickly get confusing because each search phrase and search engine will give you different suggestions.

For example, for the search term dental holiday and dental holidays, Smile Planners is on page one of the search engines in Australia, but for the search term dental tourism, Smile Planners is on page two of the search engines. So you might have to dig a little deeper to find us.

For a more targeted search you can add more specific information. If you know where you want to go for dental treatment like Thailand, India, the Philippines or even Hungary or Poland, you should add that to your search in Google, Yahoo or Bing. For instance, dental holiday in Thailand will provide you with more specific results pertaining to Thailand. Just as Thai dental clinics will also give you more results for Thailand.

You can also search for a specific treatment, such as dental veneers in Bangkok, dentures implants in Thailand or dentures in Phuket for more specific results to your search.

With each search term and each search engine giving different results, it can make the search for overseas dental treatment a little frustrating, but if you have time and use different keyword phrases you should be able to find a variety of dental treatments, dental clinics and destinations.