Smile Planners Dental Holidays has introduced a dental holiday promotion for people interested in getting rid of their ill-fitting dentures for good. The All-on-4 dental implants in Thailand promotion includes 4 dental implants plus fixed teeth completed in 10 to 14 days at the promotional price starting at 350,000 Thai Baht per arch in Bangkok or Phuket. Once in place the dental implants and new teeth will not slip or drop like dentures, it’s a new smile that you wear with confidence, day and night, 365 days a year. The All-on-4 promotion is offered with a selection of specially priced hotels nearby the Modern Bangkok Clinic specializing in dental implant treatments, including complementary Arrival and Departure Airport Car Service in Bangkok. Appointments can be made within 10 days of the dental team providing the online dental evaluation given clinic availability. All-on-4 Implants also offered in Phuket starting at 350,000 Thai Baht.

We know it’s a big trip, so in conjunction with the clinic’s international patient services department, we handle the planning for you. We coordinate and schedule your All-on-4™ dental implants with the specialty dental implant clinic. We also guarantee that all implant placement will be performed by Certified Implant Dentists practicing Immediate Load Dental Implants in Thailand. The All-on-4™ promotion includes specially priced hotels, including breakfast, swimming pool and fitness facilities. Included in the promotion is complimentary Airport Car Service in Thailand.

In order to make the All-on-4™ dental holiday as smooth as possible, we schedule your appointment, book your hotel and send a car and driver to pick you up at the airport and bring you to your hotel. After the complete treatment, car service chauffeurs you back to the airport for your return flight home or your further holiday destination in Thailand or Asia.

All-on-4™ Dental Implant Cost

The cost of All-on-4™ dental implants with new, replacement teeth in approximately 1 to 2 weeks in Thailand is up to 60% less than in the USA, Australia, the UK and EU among others countries as well. The cost of 4 dental implants plus a fixed teeth for one arch (upper or lower) costs up to 350,000 Thai Baht per arch. At the time of this post, that is around $11,605 AUD / $12,370 NZD / $10,901 USD / 6,379 GBP per arch.

If tooth extractions are required, the extractions and dental implants can be completed in the same trip. The cost of extractions depends on the size and location of the tooth, but on average an extraction costs 1,000 Thai Baht per tooth. That’s around $33. Extractions in Phuket start at 1,500 Thai Baht. Exchange rates based on 1 AUD=30.15 THB, 1 NZD=28.29 THB, 1 USD=32.10 THB, 1 GBP =54.86 THB, last updated on July 15, 2015.

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About the treatment

Implantologist in Thailand


For decades, dentures were the only option for people missing all their teeth. But over the years more and more implant dentists have been placing dental implants in the jaw and then attaching fixed teeth to the implants with special dental implant tools. The dental implant is made of titanium and works a lot like a person’s natural tooth root. Like a natural tooth root keeps a natural tooth firmly in place, the titanium dental implants keep the fixed teeth firmly in place. Titanium also has a special quality that makes it a great material for dental implants. Titanium attaches directly to the jaw bone in a process called Osseointegration, meaning the titanium implant sticks to the bone almost like being cemented to the jawbone, but through the Osseointegration process.

The Osseointegration of the dental implant to the jawbone makes the dental implant incredibly stable. Once the dental implants are in place, the implant dentist then attaches the fixed teeth (set of new teeth) to the 4 dental implants with specially designed dental implant tools and screws. Once the dental implant specialist bolts the new teeth into place only a dental implant specialist with special tools can remove it. Now firmly in place you can live a more active lifestyle, eat many of the foods you’ve been missing, and smile with confidence. You take care of your new implant teeth like you would your own natural teeth too with brushing.

About the All-on-4™ Technique

All on 4 Implants and Fixed Teeth

The All-on-4 Technique was developed in Europe. It uses specially designed tilting dental implants. The specially designed dental implants allow to the implant dentist to complete the treatment much faster than with conventional dental implant systems reducing the full mouth rehabilitation to 10 days instead of 6 months normally required with other dental implant techniques. In addition to a complete new smile in 10 days, the All-on-4™ Technique also allows the implant dentist to place the implants without the need for time-consuming and costly sinus grafting procedures.

About the Specialty Dental Implant Clinic

The Dental Implant Clinic is one of Thailand’s most modern dental providers with 2 locations in Bangkok performing the full dental implant treatments and English speaking dentists and support staff. The clinic has Thailand’s leading dental implant and cosmetic dentists, many of whom have studied overseas in the USA, Europe and Australia. The dental implant dentists on staff specialize in the All-on-4™ technique and immediate 1 trip dental implants in 10 to 14 days. The clinic and staff follow strict international dental instrument sterilization standards.

First Steps

First, call Smile Planners Dental Holidays or contact us by email. Second, receive a free evaluation. Third, get a quote. Forth, we schedule your appointment, book you hotel and car service and pick you up at the airport. Fifth, Get All-on-4™ in 10 Days (14 Days may be needed in certain cases). Fly Home or tour Thailand after the dental implant procedure.

About Smile Planners Dental Holidays

Smile Planners Dental Holidays is one of the leading dental holiday companies offering dental holiday planning services and packages to people from around the globe looking for quality, affordable dental treatments. We partner with leading dental clinics, intentionally accredited hospitals, medical financing companies, travel insurance companies and international hotels in order to offer our dental travelers the most comprehensive customer service before, during and after their dental holiday.

About Thailand

Thailand is a global leader in health and wellness travel. With a wealth of internationally trained medical and dental specialists and internationally accredited hospitals and medical and dental facilities, Thailand is well positioned to handle every type of health travel procedure from medical to dental. In addition, Thailand is also one of the world’s top holiday destinations with international hotels, restaurants, shops and world-class shopping. Bangkok’s main international airports is one of Asia’s newest with daily flights from every continent and flights to destinations in Thailand such as Phuket and Chiang Mai and other destinations within Asia.

A valid passport is required to travel to Thailand. Many travelers, including those from Australia, the EU and the USA, receive 30 days upon arrival at the airport. For visitors staying over 30 days a tourist visa is required and can be obtained at the Thai Consulate or Embassy in your home country. If you are traveling to Thailand from countries other then those mentioned above please consult with your local Thai Consulate regarding required travel documents.

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