If the dentures don’t scare you the calories should.

I’ve been busy this week redesigning the Smile Planners Dental Holidays website, so busy in fact, that I almost forgot that it’s Halloween. There are certainly some scary pumpkins and costumes out there this season, but perhaps the following treat might be the scariest, Dracula’s dentures – huh, didn’t know that Dracula wore dentures. Toll House Cookies launched a contest on their Facebook page asking people to scare up a treat for Halloween and many people, including Lori Fillmore, did. She created Dracula’s Dentures and her Halloween treat came in second in the national contest. The finished product is made out of 1 chocolate chip cookie split in half and in between is pink frosting, square marsh mellows, and two almond slices for Dracula’s signature fangs. According to the recipe, it will make 24 sets of dentures. That’s a lot of dentures, but perhaps Dracula should consider dental implants or dentures implants. BTW, the first prize winner was voodough dolls. You can check out the winners at the Facebook page mentioned above. Happy Halloween!