Owner of Perfect 32 Dental Tourism Clinic in India

Dr. Sandhya Ramanujam

Dr. Sandhya Ramanujam’s new book titled “Medico Legal Aspects for the Dental Professional” discusses pressing issues in Indian dentistry. The book looks at dental ethics, patient’s rights as well as dentist’s rights. Dr. Ramanujam also discusses the Indian Dental and Legal System in relation to the systems in the USA, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. Having studied and practiced dentistry in both India and internationally, Dr. Ramanujam is able to discuss in depth and through real world experience the standards and protocols in dentistry, in particular Indian and USA dentistry.

“Medico Legal Aspects for the Dental Professional” is published by Jaypee Brothers in India. University Dental programs are also using the book as a reference in the training of their dental students.

Dr. Sandhya Ramanujam attained her DMD for the USA where she practiced for many years. In the USA, she also worked as a certified Dental Auditor with the California Association of Dental Plans; and as a consultant auditor with USA insurance companies in for Quality Assurance. In India, Dr. Ramanujam completed her post graduate diploma in Medical law and Ethics from National Law School, India. In addition, she is a member of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (USA). Dr. Ramanujam heads the dental department at Fortis Hospital in Bangalore, India and runs her own dental clinic – Perfect 32.