Earlier this year, Smile Planners created an infographic about the current number of dentists in Thailand. Currently around 9,000 dentists practicing in Thailand. The “dentists in Thailand” infographic was recently included in a Pinterest collection, Pinterest is an online Pin Board. Here the infographic again:

dentists in Thailand from 1995 to 2010 and the nember of Thai dentists projected for 2015 (Info-graphic)


The complete pinterest collection, by CustardDavid, of dental and oral heath themed infographics can be viewed at Pinterest under the title Infographics – dental & oral health

It quite a good collection of dental health infographics and dental facts and well worth a look.

This is a good one from the collection, Dental Facts That You Can Sink Your Teeth Into. For example, flossing once a day can increase life expectancy by 6 years.