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A blog post about the importance of not only saving on dental but also on the flight, accommodation and dining out when getting dental treatment abroad.

It seems that every country is promoting dental holidays and medical tourism, but when considering dental travel, it is a good idea to accurately price out the cost of the flight to your dental holiday destination. The reason is that for all the savings that you can realize on dental holiday, you need to be certain that you are saving on the travel part of the equation. While figuring in the flight, the cost of the hotel and daily expenses also need to be factored in.

From Sydney, Australia, for example, you can search for dental holidays on the internet and along with destinations like Thailand and the Philippines, that are relatively close-by, there are also dental tourism offers from countries like Poland and Hungary. Which is great, the more information at your fingertips the better, but how easy are the destinations to get to from your starting point. Well it depends on the starting point.

A quick check online shows flights to Budapest, Hungary starting at $2170 round trip, a round trip flight to Bangkok is $788 from Sydney. And while Thailand can get pricey, it also has an abundance of budget hotels and guest houses.

Same goes for restaurants in Thailand, you can dine in fine restaurants, or if you are on a dental holiday budget, there are tons of street side eateries, where it is not uncommon to get a delicious Thai dinner for under a few dollars.

And while the dental clinic abroad might be a bargain, budget accommodation and restaurants can be more difficult to find in some other dental holiday locations. And if budget dental travel is a high priority, the location and daily hotel and food costs should be taken into consideration prior to making the dental appointment.

This is in no way a critique on Eastern European dental tourism, with so many discount airlines offering daily flights from the UK and Ireland, it makes perfect sense for people from Europe to fly there for discounted dental treatments. Essentially, dental travel makes the most sense when it is afford-ably within reach to where you live.

And that’s another good thing about Bangkok and Phuket, as major travel hubs in Asia and as leading holiday destinations, there are countless airlines and flights to Thailand from everywhere, that means with a little searching on the internet you should always be able to find a responsible dental travel flight to Thailand from almost anywhere in the world.

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