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A few months back I did research on the price of dental implants in Asia, including Thailand, the Philippines, India and China. In this blog post, I’d like to talk about the price of dental veneers in Asia for people considering a dental holiday to any of these countries. The price quoted from the dental tourism clinics is for one dental veneer. However, when you think of dental veneers it is often in conjunction with a complete dental makeover so the cost can quickly add up, but the dental veneers prices in Asia are still considerably less expensive than dental veneers in the USA, Australia, the UK and Europe.

The price of a dental veneer in Thailand, India, the Philippines and China is as follows:

Bangkok Smile Dental, Thailand
Empress, 11,000 Thai Baht ($366 USD at the time of this post)
Porcelain, 9000 Thai Baht ($300 USD)

Perfect 32, Bangalore, India
Zirconia, 16,000 Indian Rupees ($350 USD at the time of this post)
Porcelain, 8000 Indian Rupees ($175 USD)

MLS, Manila, Philippines
Porcelain ($440 USD, price discounted with 6 veneers or more to $373 USD)

Reborn Dental, China
Porcelain, 3500 Chinese Yuan ($527 USD at the time of this post)

Dental veneers are used in cosmetic dentistry and made from different materials, such as composite, porcelain and zirconia, so it is a good idea to consult with the dental clinic about which option is best for you. Dental veneers have many uses, such as changing the appearance of a discolored tooth. They can also be used on several teeth to give a so-called Hollywood smile – for people interested in a dental holiday in India it might be referred to it as a Bollywood smile). Dental veneers are used to close gaps between teeth, provide more length to short teeth or to straighten a person’s smile.

In order to place porcelain veneers, a thin layer of tooth enamel is shaved from the tooth where the dental veneer is applied this is done in order to make room for the veneer itself. There are also ultra thin dental veneers on the market that do not require any shaving of tooth enamel. Your cosmetic dentist can provide you with more information about all the different types of veneers during a consultation.