This blog post looks at the published prices of dentures in Asia, including Thailand, India, the Philippines and China.

In terms of dental holidays and dental tourism a trip to a location, like Thailand, the Philippines, India or China for dentures could cost as much as having the dentures fitted locally, once the price of travel and accommodation have been factored in. But if the point of the trip is taking a holiday, combined with getting dentures fitted that are less expensive than the dentures at home, then here are some denture prices in Asia.

Bangkok Smile Dental, Bangkok, Thailand

Acrylic full denture for 1 jaw. The cost is 12,000 Thai Baht to 15,000 Thai Baht ($399 to $499 USD at the time of this post)

Metal frame partial denture. The cost is 8,000 Thai Baht to 12,000 Thai Baht ($266 to $399 USD)

Flexable partial denture. The cost is 3,500 Thai Baht to 8,000 Thai Baht ($117 to $266 USD)

Goa Dentist, Goa, India

Complete dentures. The cost is 12,000 India Rupees to 24,000 India Rupees ($265 to $529 USD at the time of this post)

Metal frame partial dentures. The cost is 16,000 India Rupees to 22,800 India Rupees ($353 to $503 USD)

Flexible partial dentures. The cost is starting at 8,500 India Rupees ($188 USD)

Sacred Heart Dental, Manila, Philippines

Complete dentures, upper or lower. The cost is  $375 USD.

Partial dentures with metal frame (per denture). The cost is  $375 USD.

Flexible partial dentures – upper/lower (per denture). The cost is  $375 USD.

Rhee Dental, Beijing, China

Full denture. The price starts at 2,600 Chinese Yuan  ($390 USD at the time of this post)

Denture prices in Asia are significantly less than the price of dentures in the USA and Australia, and again, is it worth the trip once the cost of getting there is added in?

While dental travel specifically for dentures might not save you money, the argument can be made that dentures implants and other higher priced dental holiday procedures can save money, even after the cost of dental travel is added to the final price tag.

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