DenMat Holdings has recently snapped up the Snap on Smile brand. DenMat’s Lumineers studio will be in charge of the production of Snap on Smile. The Lumineers Design Studio Lab has been certified as ISO9001 by the International Organization for Standardization. Snap on Smile is a dental appliance that can be literally snapped onto a patient’s existing set of natural teeth to improve esthetics. The process of fitting the dental appliance is fairly straight forward and involves no drilling, filing, cementing, injections or adhesives, as mentioned earlier the dental appliance is custom made for the patient and fits over the natural teeth.  The many dental uses for Snap on Smile include aesthetic provisionals in implantology, a means to increase one’s facial height, an alternative to partial dentures, and as a smile enhancer. The appliance is made from a specially formulated resin that makes it flexible and stain resistant. The patient can work with their dentist to choose different color shades and shapes. The appliance can fit to cover a quadrant of teeth or a full arch. The fitting of Snap on Smile is a completely non-invasive treatment meaning that Snap on Smile is removable and reversible. Snap on Smile is DenMat’s third acquisition in the last six months in the company’s drive to be the global leader in minimally invasive dental health care. Denmat products including Lumineers and Snap on Smile are currently offered in 68 countries around the world including Thailand. Snap on Smile was invented by Dr. Marc Liechtung.