Astra Tech unveiled its newest line of implants to US dentists. The OsseoSpeed TX line, introduced at this year’s Academy of Osseointegration meeting, demonstrates the evolution of their Astra Tech Implant System according to the company release. The tapered apex was first released in the Summer of 2008 with the OsseoSpeed 3.0 S. It proved to be such a good design that the company applied the modification to its complete OsseoSpeed Implant line. Astra Tech states that the narrower design makes it easier for dentists to place the TX not only in narrow spaces but for all indications, from normal bone to bone with limited vertical height. According to the company the OsseoSpeed TX line is ideal for placement in soft bone in which underpreparation is preferred. The Astra Tech Implant System can meet every clinical implant situation, this includes one and two-state implant surgery, immediate implants and any bone quality. Scott Root, president and CEO of Astra Tech North America stated that the new modification will make dental implant procedures simpler for their customers and that Astra Tech was pleased with the positive response the modification received at the AO meeting. Astra Tech’s headquarters and production facilities are located in Sweden.