Here is an excellent picture of a All-on-4 Plus Dental Implants and Fixed Teeth in Thailand. All-on-4 Plus in implant dentistry refers to the All-on-4(tm) protocol plus an additional 1 or sometimes 2 implants for extra support for the implant supported fixed teeth when needed. In the OPG x-ray are two angled implants at the back, angled implants are key to immediate loading of the fixed teeth. In addition to the 2 angled implants in the upper jaw are 3 in between, this type of implant and fixed teeth is referred to as All-on-4 Plus, or sometimes simply All-on-5 (all teeth on 5 dental implants).

All-on-4 Plus Thailand

All-on-4 Plus in Thailand


The collage of pictures shows:

1. 5 implants placement in the upper jaw (arch) and 2 implants in the lower law (arch). Top left picture.

2. The OPG x-ray image of the dental implants in the upper and lower jaws. Top picture right.

3. The All-on-4 Plus Fixed Teeth. Lower left picture.

4. Complete restoration with All-on-4 Plus New Teeth attached to the 5 dental implants. Lower right picture.





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