All on 4 Dental Implants and All on 6 Dental Implants review

All on 6 and All-on-4 ™ Dental Implant Reviews from Real Dental Holiday Travelers

The All on 4™ Implants Dental Holiday Package in Thailand will be extended until August 31, 2012. The dental holiday package includes 10 day complementary hotel, complementary airport car service and car service to all the dental appointments and back to the hotel. For more information on the All-on-4 Implants package, please visit Smile Planners Dental Holidays.

All on 4 Dental Implant Clinic in Thailand

Dental Implant Clinic in Thailand

In addition, with the dental holiday package, you are provided with a English-speaking, personal assistant from the dental implant clinic in Thailand to assist with all aspects of the dental holiday the moment you land in Thailand.

The All on 4™ Implants cost is 350,000 Thai Baht per arch in Thailand. If tooth extractions are required the cost is 1200 Thai baht per tooth. The average cost for study model and supplemental x-rays is 10,000 Thai baht. All taxes and implant dentist fees are included in the price. There are no hidden charges.

The All on 4™ Implants in Thailand can be completed in 10 days in most cases. The Thai implant dentist will have to evaluate if you are a candidate for immediate implants using the All on 4™ Implants technique.

All-on-4 Dental Clinic Thailand

Dental Implants Clinic in Thailand


Full smile reconstruction with dental implants and new teeth is as for people who are unhappy wearing dentures or people who are faced with the prospect of having to wear a denture. With dental implants and new teeth the implant dentist places dental implants in the jaw, a full set of new teeth is then permanently attached to the dental implants. Once in place the implant supported teeth will not slip, drop or move. The new teeth will look and function like a full set of permanent teeth. There is never a need for denture creams with implant supported teeth since they are permanently attached to the dental implants.

The new teeth are attached to the dental implants with special tools and techniques by the implant dentist. Once in place, only a trained implant dentist can remove the teeth.

Dental Implants and new teeth in Thailand cost up to 50 to 60 percent less than in the USA or Australia. According to published prices All on 4™ Implants can cost up to $25,000 per arch in the USA and Australia.

All on 4™ Implants technique uses 4 dental implants to support the new teeth. In some cases the implant dentist may recommend additional implants for maximum stability of the new teeth.

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