A few weeks ago, we sat down with John L. from Australia to talk about his first hand experience having the All-on-4 Technique in Thailand. Here’s what he had to say about the clinic, the dental team, the staff and the treatment itself.

Video Transcription 

I had to have all my teeth removed and I had false teeth made, but I found that I couldn’t wear them. They made me gag and want to spew-up when i had them in and so I looked at what alternatives there was, anything better than false teeth. And I come across All-on-4. So I’ve done a little bit of research in Australia but it was way out of my price range. Then I started to look on the internet at all different countries to see what prices I could find. And then I come across Smile Planners and rang them up and asked them a few questions and decided to go ahead in Thailand to have them done.

This is my second time back, I had the top done six months ago and come back now to have the bottom done. I think he’s done the best job ever because I have not had one issue with them whatsoever and they feel exactly as if they were my real teeth. I was expecting that I might have a bit of rubbing on the gums or something like that. Or have a sore turn up or an ulcer or something – I’ve had none whatsoever . Everything’s been 100% perfect. I can eat meat and steaks and things like that where I couldn’t before.

That first day I was in a little bit of pain, not overwhelming pain, they gave me five of six tablets to take back with me to the hotel and I think I only had two of them that whole time. The first day I had the pain, but by the second day I had no pain whatsoever. Didn’t feel any pain, even now every other procedure they’ve done since then I’ve had no pain whatsoever. The only bit of pain was when they put the pins [dental implants] in and that only lasted that one day. By the next morning I was as good as gold. And I could still eat and everything.

When you come here its all state of the art, spotlessly clean, the service of everybody is very friendly and helpful and they’ll talk to you if you got any questions about anything and you can ask and they can communicate to you in English which was a big help.

You get to the airport and you know exactly where you are going. There is someone there to pick you up so you’re not turning up and being overwhelmed  because you don’t know where to go or what to do. Everything is explained to you. Even when you leave they take you back to the airport. All your appointments they come pick you up so you don’t have to worry about trying to get taxis, trying to get there and being late.

It changed my life in a big way. I had no self confidence back with no teeth because  everyone looks at you and because I am so young and they look at you and think ‘why has he lost all his teeth.’ So I was very ashamed. I wouldn’t smile. I had to learn how to smile again because I had no teeth I was used to not smiling and trying to hid it all the time. Now I feel so confident that back in Australia I go out and people they can’t believe the difference in me and how much my face has lifted up, everything. When we go back to Australia now with all my family I can go to Christmas day and feel comfortable about myself and not having to try to hide from all the family photos, now I can be in them.

I’d like to thank the doctor who done my teeth. And I complimented him before he left. I can’t understand how good of a job he done. I’d like to thank all the staff here, I’d like to thank all them for being so helpful and looking after you so well. I’d just like to say thank you to everyone.