For people with dentures searching for an upgrade to implants or people looking at the prospect of having to wear dentures and looking for other options, there are dental implant systems that offer 4 to 6 dental implants per jaw and a full arch prosthesis immediately attached to the implants after implant surgery.

These dental implant systems or techniques are called immediately loading dental implant systems – meaning that the implant teeth can be attached to either 4 or 6 dental implants in a much shorter time than is possible with conventional dental implant treatments. Immediate loading dental implant systems in Thailand are also available. To achieve immediate loading of a full arch fixed teeth, the implant dentist uses angled posterior implants to access as much quality bone as possible. Immediate loading implant system often do not require any bone augmentation.

These treatments belong to a group of dental procedures that are the most complex and challenging in dentistry – the implant dentist or dental implant team must have a firm understanding of implant dentistry as well as engineering and physics. The team is fixing new teeth to implants that are going to be put under considerable pressure and forces – day in, day out – through the normal activities of talking, eating, biting and chewing – the implants and the prosthesis must be able to handle these considerable forces.

Here is a closer look at immediate loading dental implant systems All-on-4 ™ Dental Implants and the Sky Fast & Fixed.


All-on-4 Dental Implants uses 4 dental implants/angled implants in either the upper and/or lower jaws to support a prosthesis that is immediately loaded (attached) to the implants after implant surgery.

According to an All-on-4 training course at the University of Texas, All-on-4 Dental Implants offer benefits over conventional dental implant treatment for patients who are losing their teeth. This includes:

• Cost savings using 4 implants per arch
• Additional treatment such as sinus grafting is avoided
• The use of tilted implants in the treatment cleared by the FDA
• All-on-4 is also approved by the FDA for immediate loading
• Patients get their final prosthesis faster

Sky Fast & Fixed

Sky Fast & Fixed is also an immediate loading dental implant system for people who want implants and complete new implant supported teeth in as few dental visits as possible. The Sky Fast & Fixed technique differs from The All-on-4 Technique in that it uses 6 dental implants in the upper jaw to support the immediate loading of the teeth and 4 dental implants in the lower jaw for immediate loading of teeth on the implants. According a Sky Fast & Fixed press release, the implant system concept is based on using splinted implants and Dr. Paulo Malo’s angled insertion of implants. Dr. Malo, of Portugal, is credited with the innovation of angled implants – the use of angled implants is key to immediate loading of the prosthesis.

Highly skilled implant dentists around the globe – including internationally trained implant dentists in Thailand –  use immediate loading implant systems, for more information on immediate loading dental implant systems in Thailand, see All-on-4 in Thailand. The cost of All-on-4 in Thailand is 350,000 Thai Baht, price for one jaw.

All-on-4 is a trademark of Nobel Biocare