Thailand Weather- How to Pack and Plan for Each Travel and Holiday Season

Imagine yourself on holiday in Thailand, better yet book yourself a ticket and get here. We hope that this Thailand Climate and Weather Infographic inspires you to explore Thailand in any and all of its seasons.

Thailand Weather, How to Pack and Plan for Each Travel and Holiday Season
Thailand Weather – How to Pack and Plan for Each Travel and Holiday Season

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What do you think the best season or month to visit Thailand is? Let us know in the comments below…

Dental Tourism Financing

The major dental treatments in Thailand can cost anywhere from 150,000 (around $5,050 AUD at today’s exchange) to Thai Baht to 300,000 (around $10,099 AUD at today’s exchange) up to 850,000 Thai Baht (around $25,235 AUD at today’s exchange) if both upper and lower jaws need full reconstruction is dental implants and bridges.

Dental Tourism Financing
Dental Tourism Financing

Even with Thailand dental costs much less expensive than other countries, particularly Australia, not everyone has savings available. This is where dental tourism financing for treatments overseas can come into play. Mac Credit in Australia offers financing and payment plans for overseas medical treatments, including dental. The financing can cover the overseas treatment and even airfares and accommodation. Financing is available for up to $70,000 AUD and can be conditionally approved in as quickly as 24 to 48 hours. There are extended finance options for every budget, with plans to 84 months. With financing up to $70,000 AUD possible, even the most complex dental treatments in Thailand would be well under that amount.

If interested in exploring Australia-based financing for the dental trip to Thailand, please contact Smile Planners for more details.

Phuket Dental Clinic Costs and Treatment Durations

Did your local dentist give you a quote that seems out of the world, and not in a good way. People from around the world contact us when local quotes are just astronomical and they are looking for quality, affordable dental in Phuket, Thailand at down to earth costs. It is also not uncommon for patients to say that the Phuket Clinics and Dental Specialists are on par or even superior to their local dental clinics.

Also, Phuket a fantastic holiday vacation spot, just take a look at our Phuket Video Tour.

So what are the dental savings in Thailand? Your actual dental savings depend on the type of treatment needed, and how much local dentists charge for the same service, since prices can also vary quite a bit among local dentists. One great thing about Thai clinics is that they publish their prices.

PS. the dental prices on the Smile Planners website are the same as the dentists’ published prices, Smile Planners never marks up dental prices, and we never charge any hidden agency fees, it’s WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Dental Holidays in Phuket, that goes for Bangkok too.

Here are the published prices for popular dental treatments in Phuket.

Phuket Dental Prices

Prices are converted from Thai Baht to AUD, USD, EUR and GBP for reference only as of July 2014, exchange rates can vary daily. Treatments billed in Thai Baht by clinic at prevailing currency exchange rate.

Root Canal – Up to 14 days from first appointment

Root Canal Treatment per tooth – 6,000 to 12,000 Thai Baht ($198 to $397 AUD / $342 USD / 251 EUR)

Veneer, Crown, Bridge – 7 to 10 days. Full Makeover Cases, 10 to 14 days from first appointment.

Ceramic (Porcelain) Veneer per tooth – Start 11,000 Thai Baht ($364 AUD / $342 USD / 251 EUR)

Ceramic (Porcelain) Crown per tooth – Start 10,000 Thai Baht ($331 AUD / $311 USD / 228 EUR)

All Ceramic (Porcelain) Crown per tooth – 15,000 Thai Baht ($497 AUD/ $467 USD / 320 EUR)

Ceramic (Porcelain) Bridge per tooth – starting at 10,000 Thai Baht ($331 AUD / $311 USD / 228 EUR)

Dental Implant (Top USA and European Implants Brands) – Single implants and small implant-supported bridges take 2 trips over 4 to 6 months to complete, For non-complicated cases, 1st Trip is 7 to 10 days / 2nd Trip is 7 to 10 days.  Why so long? Single implants and small implant supported bridges need extra time for the implant to heal to the bone, before the crown or bridge can be attached to the implant. Immediate Load Implants are available too starting at 80,000 Thai Baht per tooth, however immediate implants are only possible with ideal bone conditions, which can only be determined at the clinic. 

Implant plus Ceramic (Porcelain) crown on implant – Start 60,000 Thai Baht ($1,989 AUD / $1,868 USD / 1,371 EUR) per tooth.

Small Implant Supported Bridges – (Contact for more details)

Immediate Full Arch Dental Implants – Teeth on Implants in 10 to 14 days with non-complicated cases.

Immediate Loading All-on-4™ Implants per arch – 350,000 Thai Baht ($11,605 AUD / $10,901 USD / 6,379 GBP / 8,003 EUR)

Immediate Loading All-on-5 Implants per arch – 410,000 Thai Baht ($13,594 AUD / $12,770 USD / 7,473 GBP / 9,375 EUR)

Immediate Loading All-on-6 Implants per arch – 470,000 Thai Baht ($15,583 AUD / $14,639 USD / 8,567 GBP / 10,747 EUR)

Full Arch Implant Bridge – 2 Trips Over 4 to 6 months needed. At least 10 days 1st Trip, Around 10 days for 2nd Trip.

4 Implants and Ceramic (Porcelain) Bridge (10 Teeth) per arch – Start 350,000 Thai Baht ($11,605 AUD / $10,901 USD / 6,379 GBP / 8,003 EUR)

6 Implants and 12 teeth Ceramic (Porcelain) Bridge – Start 450,000 Thai Baht ($14,920 AUD / $14,016 USD / 8,202 GBP / 8,917 EUR)

Bone Grafting (per Area) – Start 10,000 Thai Baht ($331 AUD / $311 USD / 228 EUR) – 10 days needed in non-complicated cases.

Sinus Lift – Start 20,000 Thai Baht ($663 AUD / $622 USD / 457 EUR) – At least 14 Days

Whitening – Done in One Visit

Zoom2™ – Start 9,000 Thai Baht ($298 AUD / $280 USD / 205 EUR)

Brite Smile™ Whitening – 17,000 Thai Baht ($563 AUD / $529 USD / 388 EUR)

Planning a Phuket Dental Holiday, Get a Dental Estimate.

The dental clinic on Phuket is conveniently located on Phuket’s main beach, Patong Beach. The Phuket location is under management of one of Thailand’s top dental care providers with internationally-accredited and award-winning clinics throughout Thailand.

On multiple implants, full arch veneers makeovers, full crowns makeover cases, the clinic transportation service will pick you up at your hotel for the first appointment. Clinic pickup is available for Patong Beach area hotels only. For hotels on Kamala, Karon and Kata Beaches, transportation can be arranged from the hotels, the cost is usually 350 to 400 Thai Baht per way from other beaches to the Patong Beach clinic location. If possible, we recommend staying on Patong Beach and nearby the clinic.

We can provide hotel listings nearby the clinic in a variety of prices and budgets. Hotels on Phuket have a distinct low season with more hotel bargains from April to September and high season October to March.

Chiang Mai Thailand Video Tour

Last year Smile Planners posted a video tour of Phuket and this time around we have a video tour of the sights of Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Chiang Mai is a great town and a quick one hour flight from Bangkok on Nok Air, Air Asia, Thai, or Bangkok Air, there are plenty of airlines with daily flights, but if flight are full there is also an overnight train which is an adventure in itself. The main attractions in the video are Doi Suthep Mountain and Wat Phra That Doi Suthep Temple just outside town. From there to the Nimmanhaemin area neighborhood, nearby Chiang Mai University, good cafes and restaurants here. Then to Wat Pra Singh and Wat Chedi Luang in the city’s old town district. Also a stroll through the old town’s narrow cobble stone streets, this is where most guest houses and backpackers are, again great cafes, restaurants, nightlife and live music to be found around here and Thaipae Gate. The video continues to the Ping River and then to the Night Bazaar in the evening.

Smile Planners does not facilitate to Chiang Mai Dental Clinics, our focus is on major, extensive dental implant treatments in Bangkok. However, if in Chiang Mai and looking for a dentist, contact for more information on the dentists there.

Enjoy the video…

Thailand All-on-4 Implant Technique Video Testimonial, Tilly N. from Australia

Matt from Smile Planners sat down with Tilly N. from Australia to discuss her experience of having the All-on-4 Technique, Immediate Function Dental Implants in Bangkok, Thailand through Smile Planners. Here is what Tilly had to say.

Video Transcript

The treatment has been incredible. The staff, the dentists themselves, couldn’t wish for any better. They are certainly brilliant, highly professional too I might add, more than what I can bet back home.

Look I should have done it years ago. It took me a long time to consider having them done, but now because when I lost my teeth initially it was after going through a lot of chemotherapy about probably 10 years ago now. Lost all my teeth thorough that and had a denture, upper denture and partial bottom and hated having the full plastic feel in my mouth and just didn’t like it and looked up about the dental implants and then made the choice of coming here.

When I arrived on the Saturday night, on the Sunday, they put me in straight away, five hours in the chair and over the next period, the next couple days a little bit uncomfortable, swelling, a little bit of bruising from where the implants went in, apart from that no actual pain at all.

Don’t hesitate, don’t put it off, its the best decision that you will make in a lifetime, especially if you have worn dentures for a long time. And as they say it is the next best thing to having your own natural teeth. They feel great, absolutely feel fantastic.

Bangkok, Thailand – Number One World City Destination 2013

Bangkok, Thailand has always been a popular city but it is quite impressive to be the number one global travel destination among world cities. According to the MasterCard Global Cities Destination Index, Bangkok was number one in 2013, beating London by a hair for the title. It’s also the first time that an Asian city took the number one spot since MasterCard launched the survey in 2010. With 2013 coming to a close it will be interesting to see if Thailand can hold on to the title. Some of the other top 10 cities will certainly be looking to take the title in 2014. The 2013 rankings are as follows:

1 Bangkok 2 London 3 Paris 4 Singapore 5 New York 6 Istanbul 7 Dubai 8 Kuala Lumpur 9 Hong Kong 10 Bacelona

Rounding out the list are; 11 Seoul 12 Milan 13 Rome 14 Shanghai 15 Amsterdam 16 Tokyo 17 Vienna 18 Taipai, 19 Riyahd 20 Los Angeles



Video Tour Around Phuket Island, Thailand

If you are thinking about a Phuket Dental Holiday, take a quick video tour around Phuket Island with our Phuket Island video. The video was filmed in November 2012 on a drive around Phuket Island. The journey starts at the viewpoint over Kata Noi, Kata and Karon Beaches. South to Rawai, north to Big Buddha and then up to Phuket Town and back to Patong Beach. The tour was over the Loi Krathong holiday, one of Thailand top holidays, the other major holiday being Songkran.

The most popular place to stay on Phuket is Patong Beach, but the other locations in the video are great to visit. A pleasant surprise was Phuket Town, in particular the Old Town with its Sino Portuguese architecture and nice cafe’s and restaurants. The Old Town is nice to walk around but probably in the morning or evening when it’s a bit cooler.

The Phuket video was filmed with a Sony A57 SLR, Tamron XR Di II 18-200mm Lens.

Enjoy the video!

Thailand Dentist Reviews June

Here are some of our most recent dental holiday reviews from the Bangkok, Thailand location. A big Thank You to all our Thailand Dental Travelers!


janellel thailand dental review


  “Fantastic, highly experienced and professional service at all times.” – Jeanelle L.

jeanineg thailand dental testimonial

“I would like to thank you and your team for all the care taken to undergo all my dental work.. It was a very enjoyable experience as well as learning about the culture and its people in Thailand. My trip back was good and looking back it feels like I have been dreaming and just waken up with a new mouth!!! ha ha ha…I will spread the good news to everyone I know as well as letting people know how great is the professional care and work.” – Jeanine G.


Larry P Thailand Dentist Review


“This is my second visit and thank you for a very, very good job.” – Larry P.


michael b thailand dentist testimonial


“To the world’s best dentist and crew, thank you so much for a great job.” – Michael B.


For even more dental holiday Thailand reviews and testimonials see Smile Planner’s Thailand Dentist Reviews and Dental Implant Video Testimonials.

Dental Implants in Thailand Review, Elliot B. from Australia

We spoke with Elliot B. of Australia (originally from France) about his trip to Bangkok, Thailand for full dental implants, in particular the All-on-4 Immediate Loading Technique. Elliot provides excellent insights for people looking for dental implants abroad. When it comes to getting full dental implants in Thailand, to quote Elliot, “Go for it!”

Video Transcription

I would like to say to any people who are going to look at the video, they can be confident. You must trust the people you are going to deal with, like you Matt, because you give the best service, very well organised and that what the people look for, something completely organised. Because I was looking at other websites and they are not well organised like you. And I think that that is already a success to your trip is to find something very well organised and put together, I can advise this to anybody. Go for it!

Everything is perfect, the hotel is excellent, the people at the clinic they are very professional. I never saw a clinic like this in my entire life. You can eat on the floor everything is clean. The people are smiling all the time. And this something to build your confidence, if you are scared it will give you a lot of confidence to continue with that. After that when I met Dr. Sooparb and that was even better because he’s really, really profession. He knows exactly what he’s talking about.

And I can tell you today he gave me my smile back and when he put them in I can feel my own teeth back in my month, that’s incredible feeling, I never feel like this for many, many years. And I can open my mouth and I can close it. It looks like Dr. Sooparb give me all my teeth back in my mouth and I’m so happy, I’m going to start to live a normal life that’s what I was looking for, for a long, long time.

I am going to have the most important thing, my palate is back, because with a denture you lose taste of food, in that way I have all the food, all the taste will be back because it is very important when you taste something. I can go to a restaurant. I can laugh. I can speak properly. I can eat anything i like. It looks like my life is back to normal, that I lost many years ago, And I think i will be more smiling than before because when you got denture sometimes it is very hard, you know you got denture and you got to be careful with a lot of things, maybe some people they don’t feel anything with the denture but I was the one who feel a lot with the denture that’s why I choose to have All-on-4 and that I think is going to change my life so much and that my expectation’s become a dream. Now I can see life differently already.

For more information see Immediate Loading Dental Implants in Thailand.

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