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Dentists in Bangkok and Phuket, Thailand

Dental Treatments by Internationally Certified Clinics and Implant and Cosmetic Dental Specialists using International Standard Treatments, Dental Brands and Quality Materials. No Waiting Lists.

Thailand Dental Treatments and Prices in Thai Baht

(Incl all taxes and fees, based on Bangkok Dental Prices, Phuket dental costs may vary)

Dental Veneers – IPS Empress starting 12,000 Thai Baht per Veneer ($574 AUD / $596 NZD / $394 USD)

Porcelain Dental Crown – Starts at 10,000 Thai Baht and up per crown ($478 AUD / $497 NZD / $328 USD)

Porcelain Dental Bridge per unit – Starts at 9,000 Thai Baht ($430 AUD / $447 NZD / $296 USD)

Dental Implants – Starts at 55,000 Thai Baht ($2,630 AUD / $2,733 NZD / $1,809 USD) inc. high quality porcelain crown on implant.

Immediate All on 4 Dental Implants Per arch – Start 300,000 Thai Baht in Bangkok ($14,350 AUD / $14,912 NZD / $9,867 USD)

Immediate All-on-5 Dental Implants per arch – Start 350,000 Thai Baht ($16,742 AUD / $17,397 NZD / $11,512 USD)

Immediate All-on-6 Dental Implants per arch – Start 400,000 Thai Baht ($19,134 AUD / $19,883 NZD / $13,156 USD)

4 Dental Implants and Ceramic Porcelain Bridge (10 Teeth) per arch – starting at 282,000 Thai Baht ($13,489 AUD / $14,017 / NZD / $9,275 USD)

6 Dental Implants and Ceramic Porcelain Bridge (12 Teeth) per arch – starting at 378,000 Thai Baht ($18,082 AUD / $18,789 NZD / $12,432 USD)

Exchange rates based on 1 AUD=20.90 THB, 1 NZD=20.12 THB, 1 USD=30.40 THB.

Prices are subject to change and can vary by clinic.

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From Smile Makeovers, Dental Veneers and Dental Implants to Complete Smile Reconstruction with All-on-6 and All-on-4™ Dental Implants

Smile Planners has the Cosmetic and Implant Dentists in Thailand you’re looking for at Savings up to 50% on certain treatments. Smile Planners focuses exclusively on dental in Thailand, working closely with a select group of nationally and internationally trained leaders in the fields of cosmetic and implant dentistry. All dental surgery performed at internationally-accredited clinics using state of the art equipment and disinfection and instrument sterilization controls.

Dental Treatment Payment

No payment or deposit is required up front or before the trip. All payments can be made at the time of treatment at the clinic in Thai Baht or by Visa or MasterCard. Payment Plans available from Mac Credit for Australian patients for oversea dental treatment. Contact Smile Planners for more details.

The currency exchange rates given are ‘bank rates’, High Street/Main Street Banks and Credit Card exchange rates can vary and can change daily. The Australian Dollar (AUD), US Dollar (USD) and New Zealand Dollar (NZD) and GBP exchange rates are for reference only, all dental treatments are billed in Thai Baht (THB) at the time of treatment.

Smile Planners never marks up prices, the dental prices on this website are the same as the dentists published prices.


Smile Planners Dental Holiday Testimonials

“Friendly and Professional. Thank you all.” Dental Implants
Raewyn G.

“I could not have imagined the amazing result. I will be recommending everyone!” Dental Implants
Ben W.

“Fantastic Results! 54 Years of Dentures Finished.” All on 4 Dental Implants
Alan W.

Popular Dental Holidays. Smile Planners Also Scheduling All on 4 Dental Implants in Australia

All on 4 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia cost $17,000 per arch.

All on 4 in Perth, Western Australia cost $17,000 per arch.

All on 4 Implants Sunshine Coast, Brisbane area cost 18,000 AUD per arch.

All on 4 Implants in Devonport, Tasmania area cost 18,000 AUD per arch.

Tooth Implants in Bangkok, Thailand start 55,000 Thai Baht per implant with crown. In Phuket, implants start at same 55,000 Thai Baht. With the Dental Implants Thailand Promotion in Bangkok and Phuket, all tooth implants treatments are performed by Thailand’s top certified implant specialists.

Dental Veneers Thailand Promotion by Certified Cosmetic Dentists – Bangkok, Thailand

Get a Dental Makeover with Dental Veneers in Thailand. 10 IPS Brand Porcelain Veneers cost 120,000 Thai Baht.

The Dental Veneers in Thailand Package includes 10 IPS Empress Brand Dental Veneers. The cosmetic dentists performing the ceramic veneers are Thailand’s leading cosmetic dentists with advanced cosmetic dental training. Dental veneers in Thailand are warranted for 1 year for all materials and labor.

In addition to the Dental Implants and the Dental Veneers Thailand Promotion, Smile Planners can also create other hotel and treatment packages in Thailand based on your specific needs, including dental crowns, dental bridge or denture implants. Dental Porcelain Veneers also available in Phuket, contact us for details.

Say Goodbye to Dentures with Dental Implants and Replacement teeth in Thailand! Get All-on-4 or All-on-6 Dental Implants plus Replacement Teeth in Thailand to replace your Dentures.

All-on-6 Costs 400,000 THB ($19,134 AUD / $19,883 NZD / $13,156 USD per arch in Bangkok, incl. all fees. Compare to Australian, USA and UK prices for dental implants plus replacement teeth.

All-on-4 Technique in Bangkok starts at 300,000 Thai Baht ($14,350 AUD / $14,912 NZD / $9,867 USD). Phuket All-on-4 available on request.


Get All on 4 Dental Implants

Smile Planners Featured in Tropical Magazine!

Smile Planners in Tropical Magazine


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Get All-on-4 in Thailand, Dental Holiday Package From Smile Planners

This blog post talks about the the All-on-4 Implants Package – 4 Dental Implants and New teeth in 10 days for people with who want No More Dentures.

Dental Veneers Cost in Thailand

Tooth Veneers in Thailand vary in price from 9,000 to 11,000 Thai Baht. Smile Planners offers porcelain dental veneers that cost 9,000 Thai Baht by Thailand’s leading cosmetic dentists.

Smile Planners Dental Holidays Featured in Tropical Magazine

Smile Planners spoke with reporter Ben Keene of Tropical Magazine about medical and dental tourism in Thailand.

Thailand Weather Seasons Infographic – How to Plan and Pack for Your Thai Holiday

Smile Planners created a helpful Thai Weather and Climate Infographic that explains each weather season in Thailand including Rainy Season, Hot Season, and Cool Season, but really a Thailand holiday is great in any season. Looking for a general Thailand Forecast our infographic is a great place to start.

Thailand Dentists by the Numbers, Infographic

Smile Planners takes a look at reports about the total number of practicing dentists in Thailand and creates a fun and interesting visual representation of the numbers.

Chiang Mai Dental Clinics and Holiday in the North of Thailand

While the main dental holiday destinations are Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya, another notable location is Chiang Mai with top dentists and dental clinics in the North of Thailand. Chiang Mai Dental Clinics offer every type of dental treatment including dental implants. And one of Thailand’s top dental schools is located in town at Chiang Mai University.

Dentists in Thailand

Thailand has long established dental schools that graduate hundreds of dentists each year. Chulalongkorn University and Mahidol University Dental Schools have the top dental programs in the country. Some Thai dentists go on to get a masters in their specialty overseas. Most of these dentists go on to study in Australia, the USA and UK. Recently European and American dental schools – namely the University of California, Los Angeles and the University of Frankfurt, Germany – have been training implant dentists in Thailand. Thai Dentists are regulated by the Ministry of Health and the Thai Dental Council. According to the Thai Dental Council, in 2011 there were 11,841 dentists in Thailand.

Dental Holiday Planning

Smile Planners handles the international scheduling and dental appointment coordination for leading Thai dentists. Select a dental treatment in Bangkok, Thailand and we do the rest. We schedule your dental appointment, reserve your hotel nearby the dental clinic, arrange complementary airport car service from the airport to your hotel and offer clinic car service for certain locations.

And if you’d like to tour Thailand we can help with that too. Just let us know your travel requirements. Smile Planners facilitates dental holidays for people worldwide looking for the highest quality, affordable dental care. start planning a dental holiday in Thailand

International Dental Standards

When you travel across the world to visit the dentist you want peace of mind that you are visiting the best. That’s why Smile Planners works with Thailand’s leading internationally and nationally trained dentists and globally accredited health care facilities. The dentists have advanced training in implant dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and other dental specialties.

The hospitals are certified by the leader in global hospital accreditation, and follow the same health care standards as USA hospitals. For the All-on-6 and All-on-4(tm) Dental Implants Promotion in Bangkok, Smile Planners guarantees that you will see an internationally trained implant dentist and for the Dental Veneers Thailand Promotion, Smile Planners works with leading cosmetic specialist dentists in Thailand that use brand name dental veneers.

Tell me more about All-on-6 to replace dentures

For full mouth restoration, 6 implants with a new teeth offers the ultimate stability and aesthetics. The All-on-6 dental implants plus replacement teeth will look, feel and function similar to real teeth. For current dentures wearers or those looking at the prospect of having to wear dentures, All-on-6 implants offers smile reconstruction at a fraction of the cost that a comparable treatment in the USA, Australia or the UK would cost.

Get All-on-6 Dental Implants for 400,000

Thai Baht or approx. $19,134 Australian Dollars per for one arch. Full mouth restoration (upper and lower arches) cost 800,000 Thai Baht or approx. $38,268 Australian Dollars in Thailand, possibly less if less than 6 implants are needed in the lower jaw. That’s less than you would pay in Australia, the USA or the UK. Contact us today to set up a free All-on-6 dental implant consultation.

Tell me more about All-on-4 to Replace Dentures

For people searching for dentures implants, All-on-4 implants is a FDA-approved procedure, pioneered in Europe and available in Thailand that allows people to get rid of ill-fitting dentures for good. By using a specially developed procedure the implant dentist can place 4 implants in the upper and/or lower jaw, then attaching replacement teeth to the implants on one trip.

With All-on-4 dental implants there is no need for bone grafting for ideal candidates* since the specially-developed procedure allows the dental implant specialist to use existing, available jaw bone. Additional implant support may be needed per jaw based on the oral evaluation.

Get the All-on-4 technique and replacement teeth in 10 days starting at 300,000 Thai Baht. That’s less than you would pay in Australia. Read our All on 4 dental implant reviews in Thailand. All-on-4 uses a reinforced hybrid acrylic bridge for teeth immediately after implant placement.

Porcelain is available but quoted separately. Please note that porcelain teeth are only available after the implant healing period, called osseointegration, attaching porcelain bridges immediately to recently placed implants can lead to implant failure.

The hybrid acrylic bridge is specially designed to work with the All-on-4 immediate loading technique. Changing to porcelain may be possible after the 4-6 months osseointegration (implant-healing) period in certain cases. Contact us today and we can tell you how you can find out if you are a candidate for All-on-4 implants. The procedure is for current dentures wearers as well as people who want dental implants in place of dentures.

Tell me more about Dental Implants

A lot of people are talking about tooth implants these days, but they have been around for quite a while, in fact the first tooth implant was developed over 40 years ago. Since then dentists around the world have placed millions of dental implants. Every natural tooth has a root that keeps the tooth firmly in place. A dental implant is essentially a root replacement. 

Dental Implants are titanium screws that work like roots. They can be placed in the upper or lower mouth. The implants are made out of Titanium due to the metal’s ability to fuse to bone once in place. The process is called osseointergration. On top of the implant system your dentist can place a single new tooth, a group of teeth with a combination of implants and implant supported teeth. With implant dentures, a full set of new teeth is achieved with a implant supported hybrid denture.

Why Dental Implants in Thailand?

Bangkok, Thailand is a leading destination for tooth implants, All-on-4? dental implants and All-on-6 implants to replace dentures and full smile make-overs. All of the implant dentists at the clinics Smile Planners works with have trained internationally. The cost of tooth implants in Thailand is usually half that of implants in the USA, Europe and Australia. The dental implant centers use the leading dental implant and implant dentures technology, including implant systems from Nobel Biocare®, Straumann™, Brånemark™ and Osstem™.

Smile Planners and participating dentists are offering The Dental Implants Thailand Holiday. The holiday includes discounted hotel stays and complementary airport car service with full arch implant treatments. With the Dental Implants Thailand promotion, all dental implants are performed by a certified Implant Dentists in Thailand and leaders in the dental implant field.

Dental Holiday Best Practices

The following are best practices for dental holidays no matter where in the world you take one:

1. Get a quote from your local dentist first. When factoring in flight and accommodation, your local quote may be better. If you choose a dental holiday, obtain a health check-up from your local medical doctor to ensure that you are in the best health for dental travel.

2. Make sure the dental tourism clinic you visit is licensed. All the clinics Smile Planners works with are licensed in Thailand by the Ministry of Health and licensing details are available upon request.

3. Ask to see the credentials of the dentist treating you and ask about their experience for the specific treatment being completed and success rate. Smile Planners lists the credentials of the implant and cosmetic dentists we work with. Also unlike medical tourism and dental holiday companies that work with multiple dentists, clinics and hospitals in multiple countries, Smile Planners only works with a select group of dentists in Thailand which allows us to know the dentists better.

4. Know the success rate of the procedure you intend to have. Published success rates for All-on-Four implants are 98.36% for the upper arch and 99.73% for the lower arch based on a five year study.

5. When seeking health care outside your home country, regardless of where in the world, the health-care is provided under local laws and procedures, which may be different from your home country.

Why Smile Planners?

Smile Planners focuses on dental tourism and dental holidays in Thailand. We’re also here in Asia to assist you. This focus allows us to better help you plan your next dental holiday from start to finish. Smile Planners provides information on all the Thai Clinics and Hospitals in Bangkok that we work with and we also provide listings of dentists with credentials, in order for you to make an informed choice.

About Us

Smile Planners is a western managed and operated medical tourism and dental tourism planner. We connect people from Australia, the USA, Europe and around the globe with world-class dental implant and cosmetic dental clinics and globally accredited hospitals. The majority of dentists we work with are internationally trained implant dentists and cosmetic dentists in Bangkok and Phuket, Thailand. Bangkok and Phuket, Thailand are world leading destinations for dental holidays and medical tourism.

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